Secure Remote Access – VPN

We can empower you to have information at your fingertips, at all times. Techs4Education have successfully tested and approved a new solution to provide the school with Secure Remote Access (SRA) directly from an Internet connection into the schools network LIVE. For example, In Hampshire we have worked with HPSN2 (Hampshire School Network) to ensure a solid and secure connection into the school is part of the solution.

Is it secure?

Yes, a vulnerability test is run to ensure there is no access without connecting through our Secure Remote Access Server. This ensures only authenticated users have access into the school’s network.

What resources will staff be able to access?

Once you have connected to the SRA Server you will be able to use your laptop as if you were at the school. You will have full access to the following:

  • Access to Network Drives
  • Send any documents to external Printers
  • Access any Software located on school server.