Richard Ware
Mason Moor Primary School | School Business Manager

Mason Moor Primary School has been working with Techs4Education for a number of years, their professionalism and dedication to the school is impressive. They go out of their way to support us with our demanding IT requirements, and have managed IT projects for us. They are always on the end of a phone or email to answer and solve any questions I have. I would recommend them to any prospective schools.

Karen Mellor
Newlands Primary School | Headteacher

I can’t say enough about the excellent service we get from Techs4Ed at Newlands Primary. The company has supported our school for many years now and as a result we have some of the most reliable technology and IT systems that I have ever experienced in my 20 years working in schools. The team are friendly, accommodating and patient. They bring their technical know-how, expertise and creativity and have really enhanced our IT provision and services across the school.

The impact of their support to our school means children have some of the best IT hardware and learning resources available. One child is even being supported by Liam to extend his passion and talents for IT by being a Junior Technician!

Karen Wren
Mansel Park Primary Schools | Business Manager

Mansel Park Primary School has been working successfully with Techs4Ed for a number of years. Techs4Ed technicians have developed a great deal of experience working with schools. A dedicated technician attends our school regularly and is professional in his approach and delivery. Indeed, he has come to be more like a member of our support team. Issues with IT services within the school are dealt with promptly and queries and problems are responded to quickly via the help desk. IT supplies are sourced as required and best value sought where necessary. Mansel Park Primary School would recommend Techs4Ed without reservation.

Lou Anderson
Castle Hill Primary School | Head teacher

I worked with Techs4Education as the Headteacher of a large Primary School in Southampton, they did such an amazing job there that when I moved to an even larger school in London I asked them to provide support in my new school. That was a number of years ago now and our IT has gone from strength to strength. They have been supportive, professional and efficient in the services they have provided, and helped us to improve the schools infrastructure by installing a new server, site wireless and better networking. We have also introduced new technology into the school including interactive flat panels, Android and IOS tablet devices and Green Screen facilities, and improved on our existing technology with new desktops and laptops, which has allowed our staff to deliver the IT Curriculum with confidence. Their IT Consultants and Technicians are approachable and highly knowledgeable and we would have no hesitation in recommending them to others.

Stephen West
Newlands School | Computing Leader

Techs4Education have been providing our IT support for many years and over the past few years we have worked together closely to bring in many changes. These include basing the laptops in classes and implementation of the secure VPN network.
Liam and his colleagues have been responsible for many of the IT innovations that have occurred across the school, for example the entry system and the lobby video screen. There have been so many times that I have gone to Liam with a problem and he has been able to quickly come up with a solution. I am proud of our working relationship and the positive impact that this is making across the school.

Mrs Kathryn Bevan-Mackie
St Monica Primary School | Headteacher

The school has been working for a number of years with techs4education and the partnership has gone from strength to strength. As head of a larger than average primary school (620 pupils +) it is vital that our IT is fit to support outstanding learning at all levels across our two sites. Working with techs4education has given us the confidence and reassurance to grow our computing curriculum. They have supported us to strategically develop our provision of interactive whiteboards, tablets and laptops, maximising their impact on learning in the classroom. The technical support we receive has enabled staff to be confident that the equipment they use will be efficient and support progress for all.
The team's planning and execution of major projects such as becoming a primary school and installing IT towers in every classroom has been superb. Always working over and above and completing projects to time they have complemented our push to become a good school with outstanding features. Staff have good working relationships and have become part of the fabric of the school.

Ruth Hole
Nightingale Primary School | Facilities Manager

We appointed Techs4education as our IT support provider in 2010, at which time our school IT network was in a terrible state. We researched IT providers with other schools in the area and Techs4education were highly recommended. Following their appointment our IT issues were resolved quickly and with confidence. We have found Techs4education to be proactive and efficient in the service they provide and we would have no hesitation in recommending them to others. Dan and Toby are both approachable and highly knowledgeable in their field and their work ethic in a primary school environment is both professional and unquestionable.

Mrs Sarah Harrison
Moorlands Primary School | School Business Manager

We have been working with Liam from Techs 4 Education now for many years and can honestly say that the service that we receive is second to none!​ Nothing is too much to ask and Liam always responses promptly with any telephone or email support that we require. No question is ever too silly to ask and we don't feel the need to speak in IT jargon!. Highly recommended!

Jonathan Howells
The Cedar School | Headteacher

As a Special School Headteacher it is reassuring to have IT technical support that truly understand the needs of our children and fully appreciate how creative technological application can make a difference to our young people. I have found Techs4education supportive, knowledgeable and believe they really do care about learning, curriculum and how schools operate and we have been so, so impressed